Needles to Rockets

Publication by Ala Younis and Motaz Attalla
2009, 40 pages, 15 x 21 cm, limited edition of 1000

In the course of preparing Nefertiti, a video and installation by Ala’ Younis commissioned by PhotoCairo4: The Long Shortcut, there emerged questions around the place of consumer products in the lives of people and in society at large. The Nefertiti sewing machine came to prominence around the mid-twentieth century, when industrial processes themselves—and, by extension, their products—held critical economic, social and political significance. How do objects become iconic and acquire personas? What relationships do people have with consumer products and with the myths that surround them? This document, named for Nasser’s famous slogan of industrial promise, is not an expression of nostalgia but more an attempt at exploring these questions.

Printed in Cairo in January 2009, through PhotoCairo4: The Long Shortcut Publishing House Project.


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